21st century Preacher

Theologian, and Prolific Communicator of the gospel, that shares prophetic and relevant messages of hope, healing, and deliverance while bridging the gap between Business, Education, Government, Entertainment, and the Church.

CEO of Epic Women Leadership

Pastor McKenzie dedicates her life as an advocate where she speaks on behalf of women’s issues. Whether she is a speaker at the Georgia House of Representatives, hosting an executive forum, or appearing on national news you can always expect her to ‘keep it real’. While lending her voice to those that have been disenfranchised, hopeless, or voiceless, she also works diligently and champions issues against Domestic Violence.

Author of Best Seller Dance with a Purpose

(a practical guide to help dance ministries), and her latest release, “From Bankhead to Buckhead” (helping women to turn their lives around in one year).

TV Personality and Star

on the Style Networks “Big Rich Atlanta”, Executive Producer and Creative Director for “Dancing Preachers” television show on Impact Network and host on the Trinity Broadcasting Networks “Joy in our Town”.  Feature your church on Impact TV in 30 million homes.  View Here

CEO and Producer of Dancing Preachers International (DPI)

In its tenth year, DPI is the largest liturgical dance conference, bringing together a cultural exchange of over 23 countries and 42 states.

Founder of the International Dance Commission (IDC)

Educator, Choreographer, and Mentor to thousands of dancers. Assisting churches in starting, growth, and/or expansion by writing curriculums and training IDC’s 40 chapters worldwide.  View the link here for Free Membership.


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