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In its fourth year, the EPIC Women Leadership is a MOVEMENT that responds to the needs of Women. The Expo is designed to Enrich, Empower and Encourage Excellence in life by providing dynamic workshops geared towards helping women. Educational seminars in the areas of Health, Spirituality and Business. Developed for the Professional Millennium Woman who focuses on her total well-being. Attendees will have an EPIC Experience filled with ALL day sessions on Saturday April 11, 2015. Attendees can expect to attend workshops on learning how to start a business, including  expanding her business including, Marketing, Branding and Business plans that attract investors.

We understand that EPIC Women are in different phases of their lives and some are rebuilding, so we Empower with financial literacy, money management, home buying classes, investment strategies and enhancing her career by taking self development courses in relationships, networking, Dealing with the Woman in the Mirror, parenting workshops for her personal healing, growth and development and many more.

Empowering Women with the tools they need to be excellent in entrepreneurship. Join the
“Power Brokers” as we focus on strategy for Closing Deals and Multiple Streams of Income. 
Epic Women Leadership at the Hilton Millennium Center April 11, 2015

Our Special Guest Singer is the Stellar Award Winning Singer DeWayne Woods.

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Hilton Atlanta Airport Millenium Center
2301 Sullivan Road|College Park, Georgia 30337
Contact Number: T: 678.686.8290
Group Name: Epic Women Leadership


April 11th Saturday Open For All Women


Power Brokers 
10:30AM Red Carpet 


9:30- 10:00am Saptosa Foster “Branding You”
10:00- 10:30am  Pastor Sabrina McKenzie “Have the Audacity to Win”
10:30 am  – 11:00am  Dr. Payne Brown “How to identify Toxic People”

11:05 am- 12:05pm Relationship Panel

“Can Powerful Women Have Successful Relationships?”

Break the Codes: Learn the Language of a Man. When a Man say this…. a Woman hears this…

Learn the Characteristics of a Good Man

Five things Men Look for in A Woman

12:10 pm– 1:15 pmPower Brokers Panel”

The Art of Negotiation

 Multiple Streams of Income

Closing Boardroom Deals


1:20pm  – 1:45 pm “Celebrities Against Domestic Violence Panel”

How Can I Find Help If Someone is Abusing Me?

My Partner Is the Bread Winner, How do I Leave Without A Job?

Is There an Exit Strategy For Leaving Abuse?

What Does Abuse Look Like?

2:00pm- 3:00pm “Book Signings”





On September 30, 1990, a woman was killed by her Husband. She was a mother, a daughter, a sister, and a friend to many. She was smart, beautiful, and kind. Most of all she was forced to leave us too soon! Her children were young and no doubt traumatized by the horror they witnessed that night. To this day I still ask myself why? Though I know the graphic details I still struggle to make sense of it all. But then, “What sense is there to make?” She died ruthlessly at the hands of the person who was suppose to be closest to her, protect and provide for her, Love Her? Yet he was her worst enemy and he proved it. She was my sister and though there is nothing I can do about the past but through her death there is a new DAWN for other women who desire to become empowered through EPIC Women Leadership.

  • Women and children are the growing population homelessness
  • A record 40% of all households with children under the age of 18 are single moms
  • Children can’t learn in unstable environments
  • Every 9 Seconds a Woman is abused