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Dancing Preachers International Conference ABUNDANCE
Radisson JFK Airport
135-30 140th Street,
Jamaica, NY 11436
July 28- August 2, 2015
This conference is for the dance evangelist, preachers and mission workers. God has given us his sceptor of Gov’t favor and anointing. Let’s take the city and ravish the Harvest For The Lord

New Workshops


  • National Legislative Clergy Council
  •  The Place of the Minstrel and Dancer in the Prophetic
  • Workshops for youth
  • Historical Context of Dance
  • Make A Sound Understanding the Prayer Watches
  • Technique Matters
  • Poetry In Motion, Dance without Music
  • World Cultures
  • Starting International Dance Ministry
  • Next Level Choreography
  •  Flags Banner & Streamers


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Unforgettable Worship Experience!!!

We Declare the Nations For
Our God!
On behalf of our Pastor Sabrina McKenzie the Founder and Director of Dancing Preachers International and the International Dance Commission we say THANK YOU to all the sponsors, speakers, vendors, Health First, WBLS Radio, Bishop Xavier Eikerenkoetter , The United House of Palace Staff, the delegates, dignitaries,  worship and arts choreographers and dancers from the Bahamas , Jamaica , Barbados , West Africa , Malaysia, Israel, Mexico , Philippines , Canada , UK , USA and worldwide.
All the praises are due to the Most High God for the Mighty works He has done and for all the blessings He has bestowed upon all of us. It was truly an honor to carry the good news to New York City. If you were not there you missed a time of restoration, teaching and healing under the “Open Heaven.”
Don’t worry you can always join us on next year as Pastor McKenzie makes the New Location announcement for Dancing Preachers 2016.
See the recap and take advantage of our early registration for 2016 by visiting this link HERE.
Watch The Interview With Pastor Sabrina McKenzie at the Palace!
Watch The Interview With Pastor Sabrina McKenzie at the Palace!

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Dancing Preachers Recap:
OMG – We truly experienced a move of God at Dancing Preachers
International 2015! Here is just a brief snapshot of what happened
during the week. On Monday, dancers started arriving from all across the world. As you entered into the lobby you could feel the excitement and anticipation of the attendees. There were so many familiar faces; it seemed as if we were at a big family reunion. After we settled in and put our luggage away, the real work began.
The Dancing Preachers staff met in person for the first time ALL yearlong on Monday night. It was our goal to ensure that you had the BEST experience possible at DPI 2015.
The real fun started on Tuesday, Pastor Sabrina McKenzie broke it down and taught us the practical and biblical principles of how to be a Dance-Prenuer  by doing Kingdom Business, Conference Planning and the expectations of Dance Staff Position’s in the church. After she finished teaching she began to work on the choreography for the Sunday morning service.
Also on Tuesday night we had the awesome opportunity to host several professional artists for a “Real Talk Panel Discussion”. It was so very exciting to see that there are Kingdom minded individuals representing Christ while on the stage with performers such as Beyonce, Usher, and Chris Brown. These passionate dancers kept it real about the temptations they face daily by being on the front line, however they reminded us that you can still maintain your holiness in the most difficult places.
We even had the opportunity to gleam from Nala from the Lion King! Where else but Dancing Preachers?! We were able to locate “CIA Operatives for the Kingdom operating in the Secular world and preaching Christ!” They are a true demonstration of being in the world but not of the world.
WOW, what can I say about what happened on Wednesday. The class was packed and over capacity and the dancer ministers were serious about their next level training. Our special guests from Alvin Ailey Dance Company and Vaughn Kelly from the Philadelphia University of the Arts took our technique to a brand new level with the “Technique Matters Boot Camp.” This day was truly God ordained! How does a technique class turn into a deliverance service? Something like that only happens at Dancing Preachers!
During the evening service the North Region welcomed us in
with a power ministry piece. You have to watch it on YouTube for
yourself. That night Apostle Elizabeth Harriston brought the HOUSE DOWN. She brought a Word from the Father. The power of God fell so heavy in the house; it was as if the Glory Cloud had descended upon us.
As we transitioned to Thursday, more and more dancers were arriving from various parts of the country. Everyone was so eager to attend all of the breakout sessions and gleam from the many instructors. For those who needed technique classes, biblical foundation, etc. All of them were offered this year during Dancing Preachers.
Thursday night, the Bishop Earl Johnson the teacher extraordinaire taught the key principles of worship. We were able to experience the praise and  worship ministry of Min. Kevin Hurd. If these people didn’t SING!  Thursday night ended up being a praise party, with fire in the dance!
During the day on Friday we had many classes going on, it was so
difficult to choose which one to go to. Quite a few commissioners
bounced from class to class trying to get as many nuggets as they could. We had tons of people come from the city just to take some classes during the day on Friday. Friday night we welcomed a NYC local, Rev. Cordelia Wallace. If this woman of God didn’t preach our souls happy with the sermon “It Bit Me But It Didn’t Kill Me”!
On Saturday and Sunday we had the opportunity to Evangelize. This was truly an amazing experience. Saturday, we were at the Brooklyn Restoration Center where several ministries went forth in the dance. Lives were changed, hearts were touched, and the everyone was blessed, as some gave their lives to Christ.
People came for prayer, salvation, and healing after the dance. God truly used the dance ministries to bring His name Glory.  WBLS Radio DJ Ron G stated he was so moved by the dance that he wanted to experience that feeling every day. After a full day of evangelism, we came back to the hotel to rehearse for Sunday’s worship service. Rehearsal with Pastor McKenzie lasted for 4 hours, she does not get tired.
Sunday Morning, we were able to minister at the United Palace House of Inspiration in Manhattan, NY. In this service we were able to declare over the world, Ezekiel 37. The dry bones are becoming an exceeding great army for our God. We also asked the Holy Spirit to Rain Down on the nations. Overall Dancing Preachers International was truly a spiritual experience and you don’t want to miss it.  Join us next year!
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They Say A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words!!! AMAZING
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Dancing Preachers International
Registration is Non Refundable and Non Transferable
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Stay Tuned For Airing Dates!!!!

Open Heaven Abun-Dance,
Todd Curry, Jr
VP of Operations & Administration
International Dance Commission
Dancing Preachers Intl
Office: (877-716-7117)
Website: WWW.Dancingpreachers.com

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 The International Dance Commission:

The purpose of the International Dance Commission (“The Commission”) is to serve as a multicultural umbrella organization and resource pool for dance, worship arts ministries and dance companies throughout the world! It is also our goal to serve as lobbyists in various states on particular issues that directly affect the funding of faith-based programs, particularly those that target the arts.
Let us promote your next event! Your event will be sent to thousands in our database. Our rates are the cheapest in the industry! Contact our representative today for your ministry promotional needs at idcommission.com
Phone: 877-716-7117

From The Desk Of Pastor Sabrina McKenzie:
Historically the church has been the voice of change for the community, from the declarations of Moses to Pharaoh, to the mountain top experience of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream. ” In Dr. King’s letter from the Birmingham jail he indicated that early saints were POWERFUL, in those days the church was not merely a thermometer that recorded the ideas and principles of popular opinion; it was a thermostat that transformed the mores of society.
No longer will the prophetic voices hush their silent prayers while our kids bleed in the streets. No longer will we sing and shout while passing the oppressed on our way to have church. No longer will we come into agreement with laws that defy our God blending in with the world to keep tithes and offerings high, while the moral fabric of all Nations decay. Our ancestors marched in Washington D.C for the freedom of our civil liberties & now we will “Worship on Washington” until the bars of Iron over this Institutionalized Systemic Evil break.
Dancing Preachers is calling for 10,000 Dancers
 Join us as we “Worship On Washington” July 26- July 31, 2016.
 Let’s “Shake the Foundations with Praise.”
We are making a New Sound!

Isaiah 45:1-3 God Calls Cyrus

1Thus says the LORD to Cyrus His anointed, Whom I have taken by the right hand, To subdue nations before him And to loose the loins of kings; To open doors before him so that gates will not be shut: 2“I will go before you and make the rough places smooth; I will shatter the doors of bronze and cut through their iron bars. 3“I will give you the treasures of darkness And hidden wealth of secret places, So that you may know that it is I, The LORD, the God of Israel, who calls you by your name