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Who Attends Dancing Preachers International?

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There were 23 Countries and 42 States in attendance at Dancing Preachers International: The United States, The Philippines, Jamaica, Barbados, Aruba, Israel, Antigua, Korea, Japan, Canada, Congo, Brazil, Trinidad, St Thomas, Mexico, Russia, London, Aruba, Bermuda, Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Thailand, Cayman Islands, St. Vincent and Barbados. God showed us so much favor. The island of Barbados had a great immediate economic impact due to the Dancing Preachers International Conference! At Dancing Preachers we had over 40 speakers and more than 60 workshops and several vendors. Join Us on July 28- August 2, 2015 in New York City by Registering at www.Dancingpreachers.com


Dancing Preachers International Celebrating 10 Years In New York City!

Joel 2:23 (CEB)

Children of Zion,
        rejoice and be glad in the Lord your God,
    because he will give you the early rain as a sign of righteousness;
        he will pour down abundant rain for you,
            the early and the late rain, as before.

About Dancing Preachers International

The Dancing Preachers International (DPI) Conference is a very unique and spiritual experience.  It’s amazing to see how God moves through His people through prophetic dance, pageantry and song in different nations. The DPI is a cultural exchange and one of the largest liturgical dance conferences in the world, bringing together the nations through worship. Our staff works extremely hard to ensure that all of our delegates have a blessed time.

Join DPI with over 30 workshops, 40 instructors, garments, flags, worship, mime, technical classes, large production assistance and birthing prophetic choreography. It will be a Blessing because Jesus is invited’


Dancing Preachers Registration

Become A Sponsor by emailing us at Worship@sabrinamckenzie.org, at the door rates will be applied after July 10, 2015.

Vendors For Dancing Preachers International Register Here  $500

Dancing Preachers Adult Registration Register Here $175/ at the door $250

Dancing Preachers Youth (18 and Under) Register Here $150/ at the door $175

Dancing Preachers Group Registration (10 people or more) Register Here $125/ at the door $150

Dancing Preachers Daily Register Here $50 / after July 10 at the door rates $100

Dancing Preachers Evening Services Register Here $20 / at the door rates $25




ALL NEW Conference Schedule


DPI Website

Special Sessions

Dance- Preneurs

ephods525flags (2)

Special Tracks Day Tuesday July 28, 2015 1PM-5PM
Dance- Preneurs – For the entrepreneur who have books, garment lines and business inside of them.
  • Grant Writing
  •  Dance in Media (T.V, Print Social}
  • Networking  

Professional Arts Panel

Madai. Lion King

Special Tracks Tuesday July 28, 2015 Evening 6PM-9PM

Experts in the Professional Arts- Broadway Artist Panel- How do I bring Jesus outside these for walls into professional arts?

  • Upclose and Personal/ Panel Of Artist
  • Professional Arts Panel
  • Networking

 Technique Matters Boot Camp


 Special Tracks Wednesday July 29, 2015
 9am- 5pm- Technique Matters Boot Camp
 Increase your choreography skills from the Top Dance Companies
  • Contemporary Lyrical
  • Dance Intensive With Dance Theater of Harlem Dancer
  • Two Hours of Dance Application
  • Next Level Choreography with Master Dance Instructors
You Present Your Choreography and we will add the Proper Technique to your Choreography
Evening Service at 7PM Dr. Elizabeth Hairston Burrows
Wednesday Evening         Open Heaven Portal                       Blue Night

Processional At the Palace on Broadway

Palace 2
Special Tracks on Sunday August 2, 2015 10AM-3PM
Calling the Global Church to Repentance
Session                                   Theme                                          Garment Colors
Sunday Abundance          Apostolic Activation Impartation   Red
This is a monumental moment and time in “Liturgical Dance History.” We are ministering corporately at the United Palace on Broadway as we Declare Unity, Restoration of the Arts and Abun-Dance for all God’s people.
We believe that God is giving the Dancing Preachers an opportunity to restore the true meaning of Abun-Dance back to God’s people as we seek first the Kingdom of Heaven. We are ministering through dance on Sunday Morning at inside the stunning United Palace Theatre.
Bring your flags, banners, streamers and pageantry as we minister on Broadway, a dance of repentance, reconciliation and restoration returning the “Global Church” back to God. Join us in prayer for the restoration of the “Tabernacle of David.”
Leaders, Dance Ministries, Organizations and Dance Schools are all welcome to attend this Royal processional at the United Palace on located at 4140 Broadway between West 175th and 176th Streets Manhattan, New York, 10033.
 Rehearsals will take place the following schedule below. All Participants in the processional must be registered for Dancing Preachers.
All Rehearsals will take place at the Radisson Hotel JFK
Address: 135-30 140th St, Jamaica, NY 11436
Tuesday July 28, 2015 3PM- 5PM
Wednesday July 29, 2015 5PM-6PM
Thursday July 30, 2015 5PM- 6PM
Friday July 31, 2015 5PM- 6PM
Saturday August 1, 2015 4PM- 6PM   
Sunday Leaving the Radisson Hotel at 7AM
 Call Time is 8AM at United Palace House Of Inspiration
Address:  4140 Broadway between West 175th and 176th Streets Manhattan, New York, 10033.
DPI Schedule (Revised JPEG 1)
DPI Schedule (Revised JPEG 2)

11 Schedule

Dates July 28- August 2, 2015

Session                                   Theme                                          Garment Colors

Tuesday Evening                Passion of Christ                              Deep Royal Colors & Gold

Wednesday Evening             Open Heaven Portal                      Blue Night

Thursday Evening              Apostolic Order                                Purple Night

Friday Evening                   International Night                           Represent  Your Country or City

Saturday Evangelism          Five Fold Ministry Activated          Dancing Preacher’s T-Shirts

Sunday Abundance            Apostolic Activation Impartation    Casual Attire

Keynote Speakers

Tuesday Night Special Guest Psalmist

Wednesday Night Apostle Elizabeth Hairston

Thursday Night Bishop Earl Johnson

Friday Night Rev. Cordelia Wallace

Saturday Night All Night Worship

Sunday Morning Pastor Sabrina McKenzie

Hotel Reservations


Radisson Hotel JFK Airport

Address: 135-30 140th St, Jamaica, NY 11436

Telephone Number:  (718) 322-2300

Group Name: Dancing Preachers International

A special discounted rate of $169 plus tax will be offered for a single bedded room or a double bedded room. This special rate is inclusive of a hot breakfast buffet for two guests per room. There is a Free Shuttle from the airport. There will also be a special, discounted overnight valet parking rate of $12 per car per day.

Make Your Room Reservations By Viewing this Link Here


Testimonials From Dancing Preachers.
Pastor Franca

Dearest Minister Sabrina McKenzie, The conference did accomplish all that the Lord had planned. I have never experienced any dance conference on or with that level of teaching, preaching, order, sensitivity to the move of the Holy Spirit nor that level of anointing for the services held at the Hilton. I had the pleasure of meeting persons from throughout the world who I may not have had the pleasure of meeting otherwise.

“TASH” :-) Natasha House

Miss Sabrina,

I just want to send some words of encouragement your way. I want to send the kind of encouragement that lifts your spirits and brightens your day. I pray that the Lord strengthen you physically, restore you emotionally and revitalize you spiritually from the “birthing process” that had to take place in order to deliver such a wonderfully successful Dancing Preachers Heaven on Earth conference.

I plea the blood of Jesus over your life, your home, your family and your car that the protection of God would travel with you; I bind accident demons and devils that would seek to orchestrate your demise; I speak health into your body and command that everything in your physical man line up with the very word of God!!!!

May the very presence of God envelope you and may the blessings of God violently track you down and May His countenance shine upon you! I can’t even begin to thank you for the BIG part you played in such a small person’s life I know my place in the Kingdom now I’m taking my rightful place as a Gate Keeper; I’m laying hands on my husband and knowing I have power in my marriage.

God has done such a purifying sanctification in me that everything is NEW. You will never know just how many lives you’ve touched, altered, delivered and set free through your ministry. Not even seeing you dance, but watching you operate in such humility and such power and strength has ministered to my very soul.

Just know that I love you from afar and I will NEVER forget September 7-12. Myself and many others are patiently awaiting the info we need to order tapes and videos but until then – I’m praying that you get some well deserved rest and some much needed time with your family “away from it all” Lord willing, I will see you in the Bahamas – with the rest of my team whom I’ve mad godly jealous that they didn’t press their way to Atlanta this year.

It is clear that I was the “Chosen One” for the impartation. What I received far exceeds any dollar amount ~ I’m on FIRE for God like never before! Love you so much,

Tanya Ruff
WOW! I am amazed. I attended the conference this pst weekend and I came back a changed woman of God. I learned so much about myself and about the ministry of dance. I thank you and the speakers from the bottom of my heart, I was blessed this weekend! If you are going to order more shirts and/or bags, >please e-mail me due to the fact that I tried to purchase them and you had sold out. GLORY BE TO GOD! I thank you for making this possible, may GOD bless you today and always!

Temetrece Anointed Arts New Life Ministries

Dearest Sabrina,

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the conference. As a dance leader myself, I truly needed all that was offered and my cup and saucer is still running over. I have been reviewing my notes and scriptures given daily!. As soon as I returned home (Valdosta, Ga). The devil was waiting on me. I had opposition like never before every where I turned. I manage 2 Curves fitness clubs and I had a possessed employee attack myself and the rest of the staff with witchcraft, I had a manipulative Absalom at the other location and then my Absalom/Saul individual on the ministry team just came at me with a venegeance! I’m now equipped to get some order in the ministry.

Myself and the 2 dancers that attended with me are pressing forward. And though offenses, persecution, and opposition have come boldly at us we are yet standing strong. I wish I had your message for leaders and directors on tape because that msg blessed me like you wouldn’t believe! I know I told you this in person but it did. Thank you for being so humble, touchable, and honest. My prayers are with you and your family. I can’t wait to see you again.

Kimberly Thomas-Bailey

Sis. Sabrina:

Thank you, Thank you and Thank you again. The word of God says give honor where honor is due. Thank you for your obedience to follow the leading of the Holy Sprit and host the Dancing Preachers conference. It was truly a blessing to be able to be in the midst of worshipers and experience God’s presence. At home I am always in ministry mode and pouring out. I was past due for a refill. Even Jesus had to pull away from the crowds and spend time with His father. Dancing preachers was my pulling away time.

My prayer life has been restored and my love for the word. I have been in a wilderness season for sometime now.

I praise God because the conference is just what I needed to give me a charge to forge ahead in ministry. There is no one thing that stood out for me at the conference. But I think that the divine deposit that I received was evidence of God’s greatness.

The teaching was great. The Nightly services were wonderful. Not only did I receive a charge from the Lord but my entire team did. Our ministry on the Sunday was at another level. Your labor has not been in vain. Thank you for the travail and giving birth to the vision that birth others into their destiny. I pray that God will take you to deeper depth and higher heights in Him. I look forward to the next one.

Good morning Sabrina,

I just wanted to commend you on an excellent job you and your committee did in putting on a conference of that magnitude this weekend. I was thoroughly blessed, empowered and even changed in certain areas. The conference ministered to the whole man, Sprit, soul and body. So I just wanted to thank you for allowing the Lord to guide you and lead you in even choosing the topics. So I bless you and I know that God is going to continue to increase you more and more. Thank you again.

Dear Sabrina, Just wanted you to know what a blessing the conference was to me. I truly received impartation from all of the classes that I attended. I have a greater desire to be the dance leader at our church that the Lord have called me to be. So many unanswered questioned were answered at the conference. God truly has anointed you for such a time as this and I’m looking forward to the next conference.

Geneva p.s. You have a beautiful baby daughter!!!

You Sister Sabrina returned true worship unto the Lord. And finally, at the cathedral two women came into room 116 and asked if they could anoint my feet and pray for me. I agreed. I proceeded out with the other dancers. As I stepped unto the pulpit in the rear the Lord said, “Tonight the fire has two purposes, one to purify and the other to consume. I allowed you to cross the pulpit when no one was on it to purify it, if you cross it again I will consume anything that is not like me.” The Lord said that He would grant grace if I would not run like a consuming fire but stand still and pray. For 5 (2005) means grace and we are in the dispensation of grace. So I stood with the feet that an angel of the house anointed, hidden off to the side for He said they don’t see the fire which is behind them. Yes, I told Him that others would take on the spirit of offence because I did not move. The Lord’s response was “I was not invited to the market place, will you too not fear me.” Sis. Sabrina I fear the Lord and am held to a strict obedience.

JaQuada Berry

Thank you for the sacrifices and the hard work that you and the staff put together to make Dancing Preachers a success. I came to the conference alone, and I never felt like I was alone. I met many people who want to serve God. I am so ever grateful for the experiences, it was anointed and powerful. Since then, I was propelled into my destiny since attending the conference. Thanks again for a jump start.

Yours in Christ, Wanda Mack 

Dear Sabrina, how can we thank the Lord for your obedience??? I trust that all is well with you and your family. It was an amazing experience being there at the Dancing Preachers conference. I’m sure people are telling you that we wanted more time for many of the classes! Your class, for example, could have been an all-day long seminar for me and many of us decided that we’d be in the Bahama’s next June for sure! We’re planning now. ! Love and much appreciation!

Your sis, Stine McDonald

Hi Miss Sabrina, I again want to thank you for allowing God to use you to put on a AWESOME conference that God definitely met us at and revealed so much (I’m sure there were things deposited in my spirit that I still have no clue about). It was truly amazing and I am so glad I was blessed enough to be apart of it. It was an awesome pleasure meeting you and I am still > digesting the word from the Lord

Ellesse Goodman


First thank you for the scholarship for my daughter, she enjoyed herself. Next I had a wonderful time. The Lord had some things for me to see, hear and experience while I was there. I really was adminished and convicted in some areas of my dance ministry. Thank you and your team for putting the Conference together and having a heart for God’s people and the dance. I really admire you, and what your ministry stands for. You are a new mother,  leader and minister of the >> gospel. That is a lot of responsibility and you wear it well!

Lavinia Marshall

Peace and Blessings Everybody,

I want to tremendously thank everyone that financially supported my journey to Atlanta. Thank you for being obedient to God in your giving. It was truly a miracle and it was definitely meant for me to have been there. I have been transformed and my ministry is at a higher, deeper level because of what I experienced last week.

It is too much to tell, but just know that God showed up, and experience the difference and the impact that Dance Theatre of the Gospel will have because of it. Dance Theatre of the Gospel will be ministering this Friday and Saturday night at Dance Mission in SF. Both shows begin at 8 pm. I love you all

Jetaun Maxwell

I want to express my sincere gratitude for the conference that you held. It brought about a transformation in my life and the ministry given to me. I bless God for your service to the Kingdom and I will keep you in my prayers.